Benefits of Membership

  • Professional growth is an important and on-going aspect of professionalism. The Southern California Advocates for Every Young Child (SCAEYC) provides opportunities to connect and network with educators that work with young children and their families, in your professional community.

    Benefits of membership in your Southern California area include:

    • Inside information about scholarship and awards
    • Receive NAEYC professional journal (Young Children) to keep you up-dated on latest research and practices and CAEYC’s Connections.
    • Information about upcoming events, conferences and workshops (members receive reduced fees)
    • Access to the up-to-date job listings in the field
    • A chance to meet the movers and shakers in the field
    • The prospect of being mentored by the best educators of young children
    • A chance of being a part of the largest organization working to improve the quality of services to young children and their families
    • A chance to be a part of the largest organization working towards improving the salaries of those working with young children

    For information regarding membership in SCAEYC #903 contact or go online to

    The National Association for the Education of Young Children ( handles all membership processing for SCAEYC When you join, you will need to join CAAEYC, your state affiliate.

    Benefits of Joining NAEYC:   Information, Newsletters, Advocacy (naeyc is “the national voice for the early childhood profession”), Young Children Professional Journal, Educational programs and conferences, member discounts in the naeyc online store, professional relationships, and, professional publications for comprehensive members.

    When you join naeyc, you need to select membership in the California organization (, and will receive a variety of membership services and information from the state level.


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