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  • If you live in the Whittier, Claremont, Pomona or other nearby areas, the East Valleys Committee offers connections for you.  East Valleys Chairperson, Kathy Holguin, sends a warm invitation to you to join the meetings, mostly held on the second Friday evening of each month, from 6:30 p.m – 8:30 p.m.    Contact her at scaeyc@gmail.com.  Do RSVP for the meetings.  Sometimes the committee meeting dates change to accommodate holidays or long weekends.

    Below:  East Valleys committee members at the 2014 CAEYC Conference


    Is Leadership on your professional growth plan?   Come and learn event planning, strategic planning, and have interesting and vibrant conversations about children and child development.  The value of networking in person with live conversations still has a place alongside the texts and apps of the technological era.   We do both!

    You may have enjoyed the Curriculum Extenders, an annual event hosted by East Valleys Committee, or other recent professional development opportunities.  Did you know that some attendees traveled from as far away as Chatsworth, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Orange County areas to come to the SCAEYC-East Valleys Curriculum Extenders and, often return every year?   If you benefit from these events and wish to learn even more, do come and participate in the planning!   The committee welcomes your energy, enthusiasm and willingness to take your next step.

    Why join SCAEYC-East Valleys?

    Professional growth is an important and on-going aspect of professionalism. East Valleys is  a committee of the Southern California Advocates for Every Young Child (SCAEYC), affiliate, provides opportunities to connect and network with educators that work with young children and their families, in your professional community.  Benefits of membership in SCAEYC include:

    • Inside information about scholarship and awards
    • Receive NAEYC professional journal (Young Children) to keep you up-dated on latest research and practices and CAEYC’s Connections.
    • Information about upcoming events, conferences and workshops (members receive reduced fees)
    • Access to the up-to-date job listings in the field
    • A chance to meet the movers and shakers in the field
    • The prospect of being mentored by the best educators of young children
    • A chance of being a part of the largest organization working to improve the quality of services to young children and their families
    • A chance to be a part of the largest organization working towards improving the salaries of those working with young children

    For information regarding membership in SCAEYC #903 and the East Valleys committee contact scaeyc@gmail.com or download a hard copy of the membership form here:   NAEYC Membership Form for SCAEYC

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